“I’ve never had writer’s block, Joey’s never been in a production slump”

Sage Francis

Some tweets this morning have inspired me to tackle this subject.

Inspiration is something that is important to me.

I have the head that won’t shut up.

A brain that is constantly bouncing things around. I have never felt I have to grasp for ideas and inspiration because it seems to be always there, not specifically testing ideas but in general.

As someone who has written and performed lots throughout my life; I’ve thought quite a bit about where my inspiration comes from.

My personal theory is that the more you try to pin down where inspiration comes from the more you restrict inspirational thinking in your mind.

My approach is to immerse myself in interesting things. Anything from articles about new scientific developments, music, novels and anything else that gets you thinking.

I’m very choosy about what art I consume. The world is flooded with creativity everywhere and our access to it is better than ever. Why settle for listening to a mediocre song on the radio when a few clicks can get you something spectacular.

Do you really want to watch another film where you can calculate all the plot developments and outcomes? Or do you want something that will engage your mind and challenge it?

Anything your mind consumes that challenges it; that can make it think in a different way is going to help inspire you. Let all these things just roll around your brain making new connections with everything that is already there and new ideas will come.

There’s a world of ideas that can challenge your mind to think differently, absorb it all and inspiration will flow.


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